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The Benefits of Using Videos For Local Businesses


Every Local Business, no matter what product or service that they provide for the locality in which they live or work can benefit from the use of a video on their websites. Videos can be used to promote Brand Awareness, Offer a Unique or specific service to inform people about a product, or range of products that they produce in a positive manner.

There is an old maxim that stated that an image is better than a thousand words, but the truth is that nowadays people expect much more than a simple image. They expect All of the information all at once and a well-produced professional-quality video is the best way of serving that need.

However, most business owners which serve mainly a local area or district do not have the expertise or time to even contemplate undertaking such a venture as trying to produce their own promotional video. If they do they are usually of very poor quality and generally create a negative view of the company rather than the intended objective of promoting their product or service.

Local Video SEO Experts

This is where the Local Video Marketing specialist can really make a difference by having the ability, experience and equipment to produce high-quality videos to improve a businesses brand image. This is achieved by producing a targeted video explainer or advertorial targeted at the specific brand, product or service of the company.

Video advertorials can be targeted at a specific Local area which will rank very highly in the search engines because of the way in which Google gives preference to local search results.

For example, if someone is searching Google for a local Locksmith in Hebden bridge then you will find a listing of many of the locksmiths in that area. If you use a YouTube video with the title “24 Hour Locksmiths in Hebden Bridge” you will probably rank high on the first page of google. Or alternatively, if you already had a listing on the first page of google then using a video on your website would ensure that visitors would stay on your website longer and probably choose your company in preference to a business which did not have a video on the website.

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