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The Internet Marketing Mindset

Have YOU Set Your Internet Marketing Mind In Motion?

For 2020 There Are No Updates It’s Still Good To Go

internet marketing mindsetYour Internet Marketing Methods should start with YOU. NOT a company,
NOT the market itself and NOT your future customers. Your
first goal should be getting yourself ready to Market to the
internet WORLD!

‘Just Doing It’ is far more than just a halfhearted attempt
at some action or making it up along the way. Energy,
Enthusiasm, Passion and Determination To Succeed has to be
present. These things can only exist once, and only once,
YOU have Set Your Mind In Motion.

Do you remember a film called ‘Dune’? There was a very short
scene in which one of the characters stated ‘It Is By WILL
Alone I Set My Mind In Motion’. These words have stayed with
me (Goldie), all these years and I constantly remind myself
of these very words, BEFORE I attempt to carry out any
sustained call to action (Marketing).

Without YOUR mind set in motion to succeed, you will
ultimately pay a heavy price and fail with your ‘Brand’. We will cover ‘Branding’ in another installment.

Internet Marketing then becomes, everything you do, everything you say, everyone you meet, every contact, every sign and every type of
communication. Having a successful mindset is thinking about
these things ‘ALL THE TIME’!

marketing mindsetYour internet marketing should be dedicated to the thought – ‘How Am
I Building Awareness Of My Brand?‘. Without people being aware
of your brand you have nothing. Nobody will know that your
products or services exist!

Belief in yourself and your brand will help you move forwards
to the next step. That step is an Attitude; The Attitude to
Succeed. Your attitude shapes where you wish to be, what you
will say and what you will do. it all begins with your mindset!

A good positive attitude will help you build the enthusiasm
and motivation you need to develop new skills and also to set
realistic goals to achieve.

It is NO good telling yourself ‘I will make $10,000 in 4
weeks’ if your sub-conscious mind does not believe it. Start
out with baby steps and ramp up later as successes are

Ways to develop this mindset are :

* Seek the help of an expert, ask them nicely to assist you.

* Expand your mind by reading and listening to as much
marketing material as you can.

* Always keep a journal of your goals and activity levels –
both successful and not. You will learn more from your
failures! Do NOT ever repeat them!

* Always try and help others as you learn.

Focus your attention on helping your customers and your
prospects; focus on their needs; not your own. This takes you
to success on the shortest route possible!

Always remember these words ‘What is in it for them?’, NOT
‘What is in it for me?’. If you cannot satisfy this most basic
of human desires then they will look to others to fulfil
those desires!

You be that person, you satisfy those desires and word will
go around very, very quickly. This is when you can sit back
and enjoy the fruits of your internet marketing mindset.

But wait, tomorrow is another day!

You cannot be everything to all people in internet marketing, knowing
where NOT to play is as important as knowing exactly where
you wish to play. Our advice is to always play at home, with
your own team! Trying to get a result on unfamiliar territory
is very difficult indeed. So invite people to your stadium,
not to play against you but to play with you on your team!

Internet Marketing does not consist of mini-events, it is always
communicating, sharing information and solving problems all
in the spirit of giving. Learn to develop these skills to
ensure a constant stream of happy customers and a winning team.

Now, find the will to succeed and set your mind in motion!

David ‘Goldie’ Edwards is webmaster and CEO of several successful internet marketing businesses. One of his websites describes an EZi Marketing Network [https://ezinetwork.org/] with internet television

Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Goldie_Edwards/37059



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